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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Huhuhu My mission today to go fitness fail again. I can't conquered myself. I felt to lazy to go hahaha. I plan to go there since last week -_-. This term seems so boring. Time going soo slow. Maybe because I can't wait back Jakarta ^0^. Yesterday my Mom email me. She, my Dad, my Auntie and my cousin, They go on tour to U.S. She visited Yellow Stone yesterday. She said that Yellow Stone is a very beautiful place. She really amazed how great is our god to create such a beautiful place.Huhu -0- I also want to go  huhu... #_#

Yeee... finally Indiana Jones is come out in cinema. Hahaha I already waited for along time. I hope is not going to disappointed me. I plan to watch it tomorrow hehe. 

♥ Bye bye '7:39 AM
Friday, May 16, 2008

Lately I was addicted to indenpendent movie and france movie. I start to think that all Hollywood movie are so typical . I start to find independent movie that more unique,  not ordinary and sometimes have a strange crazy story. I don't know how many time, I watch the trailer of  Love song(Les Chansons d' Amour), Dans Paris and Dreamer. These are the movie list that I badly want to watch it. I can't wait to find the dvd . I don't know where to find this kind of dvd. Can somebody tell me where to find these? JUNO also one of my favourite movie. I already watched it 3 times hahaha.  I think around two weeks ago I went to watch the France Movie Festival that only available in Midvalley. The movies are so limited. It's totally different compared to Jakarta. They have alot of movies to choose. Maybe they banned some of them because of the story.

Yesterday was the most exhausted class. It started at 9.30 until 4.00. Huh, It suppose to be end at 3.30. The class was quite fun. We separated  in to 6 group. The lecture asked us to design toilet sign.  They came out with different kind of ideas. Some of them came out with their funny ideas. But I still don't have any idea for my project. I even haven't start to think about it. My holiday mood is still in the air hahaha. 

Luckily all my class this term will end in 1o weeks. I can go back Jakarta. I miss it so much hehe.

♥ Bye bye '8:54 PM
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This week still feels like holiday hahaha. This morning, I woke up soooo early. Can u believe it??? I woke up 8 o'clock in the morning haha. Me and my housemates play basket ball together. I feel sweaty and hot but still fun.^0^
 I don't know why this term I feel so worry. It feels different than last term. I have sense that It's going to be hard time for me -_- .  Hopefully we all together can pass this term. I really want to graduate together yeeee... 
Can't wait for next term break. I miss my family so much, especially my mom hehe.I miss Indonesia so much. I miss all the foods. I miss the pirated DVD huahaha. 

♥ Bye bye '7:22 PM
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi guys.... ^0^
This is my first blog hahaha. Hopefully, We can share our knowledge and feeling through this blog. Actually, I feel lazy to make a blog. But my lecture ask me to make it hahaha. 
Today is also my first day at collage after term break. I felt pretty excited but also scared. But I will try my best ^-^. Semangaaaaat *-* 

♥ Bye bye '1:11 AM
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